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Keren Hummel Alon:
Pioneering Digital Transformation & AI Innovation

Hello Visionaries and Leaders,

In an age where the future is molded by the bold, I find myself stand at the intersection of Digital Marketing, AI Technologies, and Innovation Strategy in Israel.

My mission? To partner with you, the change-makers and industry-shapers, as we chart a course through the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Together, we’ll harness the in-depth knowledge I’ve cultivated from years in the field, applying tailored solutions that cater to your unique market dynamics. And as we embark on this journey, I promise not just to inform, but to inspire, igniting passion and vision with every seminar, workshop, and consultation.

Let’s shape the future, together.

Business Owners In 30 Years

Lectures in a Year

Years Of Innovative Talks

Strategic Insights & Solutions for the Digital Vanguard

Transforming Businesses in a Digital Age

In today’s fast-paced digital era, businesses need to evolve constantly. Keren’s expertise in Digital Marketing and AI Technologies provides the blueprint for leaders and C-Level managers to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring they remain competitive, efficient, and innovative.

Tailor-Made Seminars & Workshops

Dive deep into the world of digital marketing, AI management tools, and strategic management with Keren’s interactive seminars and workshops. Tailored for the Israeli market, these sessions are designed to provide actionable insights and tools for business leaders from diverse sectors.

AI & Innovation Consulting

From startups to established enterprises, Keren offers bespoke consulting services for top-professionals, leaders, investors and dreamers. She bridges the gap between technical AI knowledge and practical business application, ensuring your company is not just part of the digital transformation but leads it.